This is a first for me in many ways.

I've written speeches and essays - published hundreds of pages on marketing and social responsibility - but I've never committed to a project at this scale. A bi-weekly blog dedicated to asking the right questions and telling the stories of marketers old and new.

I can't promise that every article that arrives here will be great. Or that they'll all hit the mark in terms of clarity and concision. Hopefully, you read anyway.


I believe that “Good Marketing” is the act of putting the right message in front of the right person at the right time. It’s a human-driven interaction, and no matter whether you’re selling to a business or a consumer, you’re selling to a human. 

 One of my early mentors, Ryan Deiss, called this: “H2H Marketing,” and it formed the core of the thesis I wrote for Princeton University in 2017.

I’ll be publishing both a modern marketing column and an historical marketing column – looking at how we market today and how we marketed “then.”

Modern Marketing

H2H Marketing